Capturing the Perfect Ring Shot

March 12, 2021

 It’s no secret that getting just that perfect shot of wedding rings is not easy! Between getting the right focus with just the right set up and lighting to capture the picture you envision in your head takes a lot of prep work and understanding of your camera and editing process. Here are 10 tips and tricks to make sure you get that crisp detailed shot you’re looking for during your next wedding session.

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO | FB + IG @wildfyreco

Photographer: Laura Straub | lastphoto.kc | Kansas City | FB + IG: @lastphoto.kc


When you’re taking pictures of rings and you’re trying to capture all the small, intricate details of the stone and the band, using a macro lens will be your best bet. Having a lens like an 85mm, 100mm, or 105mm will allow you to shoot from a farther distance and still manage to capture all of the detail. 


If you can find natural lighting that will fill your shooting area, that is a perfect starting point! Having a flash set up or carrying handheld lights can help bring out more detail, as well. Don’t be afraid to use creative lighting to capture unique shots like colored LED lights, fairy lights, or reflections. 


Relying on autofocus to capture the right details is risky! Manually focus in on the details and take a lot of pictures. Check your viewfinder and zoom into the rings after every few photos to see if you are capturing a clean shot. 


Turn your aperture up about 4.0 to 5.6 depending on how much light is available and whether or not you are using a flash. This will allow you to bring more detail into the frame and keep everything in focus. Play around with your settings and find something that works for you 


When taking your photo, take a deep breath and exhale with steady hands to make sure that there is no shake or blur in your image. If you need to invest in a small tripod to keep the camera as steady as possible, it may help with your final outcome.


When you’re setting up your shots, keep it simple and elegant, or be creative! Getting shots of both is encouraged. Classic shots like using wedding props or the bouquet can be elevated with lighting to achieve a bokeh in the background of your image. 

Use prisms and mirrors to add light flares to add dimension and elevate an otherwise simple shot. Incorporate items like glass flutes, sparklers, or textured fabric! Shoot through items like copper pipes to take your images to the next level. There is no limit to creating a set up!


Does your couple have interests they have in common and have a shared passion for? A couple who are avid sports fans may appreciate ring pictures with their sports gear, or fitness loving couples may enjoy a shot with their favorite gear. Finding something that is personal to your clients and incorporating it into their big day will take your couple over the moon. 


You never know what may happen or what options you may have when it’s time for the rings to come out! Carry a ring kit in your camera bag with some of your most used items and essentials so you don’t have to rely on the venue to have something usable. You can carry a hand held LED light or two to help illuminate your frame when lighting may not be optimal. 

Consider packing a string of fairy lights that are battery operated and different kinds of sparkly items like paper, fabric, mirrors, prisms or copper pipes. It will also come in handy to keep a container of dental wax in your kit just in case your rings aren’t staying in a position that you’re attempting to place them in. A very small amount can keep the rings in place and can easily be removed with a lens cloth or a bit of jewelry cleaner. Don’t forget to pack a spool of fishing line in case you would like to hang the rings and a place where stacking them may not be possible. Keep a jewelry cloth handy just in case there are any smudges!


Once you’ve captured a crisp, detailed shot right out of the camera, you can enhance the details with an editing program. The sharpening and clarity tool can help bring out extra detail and lighting can be fixed with basic edits. Don’t be afraid to turn some shots into black and white!


It’s your couple's big day, and no one really wants to be without their rings! Some couples may also be anxious or hesitant to hand their brand new rings over to their photographer, so keep your time with them short and efficient. Prepare a plan ahead of time so you are aware of how long you will need and ensure your clients stay worry free!