Posing Prompts for Dad

June 17, 2021

Fatherhood sessions are some of the most precious things I have ever seen. There is nothing like the bond between a father and his child! With Father’s Day coming up, try out some new prompts and poses and capture today’s memories. Many will work with children of all ages, so adjust the prompts and poses as needed. 

1- PROMPT- Run into dad’s arms!

POSE- Have dad face towards the camera in a squatting position. Direct the child to run into their dad’s arms. You can say something along the lines of, “Imagine you haven’t seen your dad in a long time and he needs a hug. Run into his arms and give him a big hug!” or something like, “Pretend you’re being chased by a monster and run to daddy!”

2- PROMPT- Dad is a jungle gym! Hang on!

POSE- Have dad hold all of the kids however he can so no feet are touching the ground! Candids of the process will be some of your clients favorites, especially if this prompt is filled with smiles and lighter. Think about piling onto dad’s shoulders and arms!

3- PROMPT- Climb up onto dad’s shoulders!

POSE- This prompt can lead to quite a few cute pose variations. Direct the child to do things like hug their father’s neck, cover his eyes and play peekaboo, or hold the child’s arms out and play airplane while dad is standing. Have dad sit down and the child hug him from behind, or retry any of the above prompts for new angles. 

4- PROMPT- Hey dad, pick up the kid and hold them close. 

POSE- Dad will hold the child in his arms. The child can be facing towards the dad, wrapped around like a koala, to capture some intimate snuggles, nose kisses, butterfly kisses, and laughter. Have dad pop the child on this hip and look at the camera and smile. Ask the both to look into the distance and think about how much they love each other. 

5- PROMPT- Let’s have a dance party!

POSE- Direct dad and little one to dance around! Grab hands and boogie and have them show off their best moves. Have dad twirl their little one and try some lifts. 

6- PROMPT- Tickle fight!

POSE- Instruct dad to kneel or sit, and ask who is more ticklish and encourage a tickle fight. If the child is too young to engage, ask dad to tickle the little one and snap some giggles. 

7- PROMPT- Let’s go upside down!

POSE- If dad and child are having fun, see if dad can flip them upside down! Encourage lots of tickles, giggles, and safety. This one will give you lots of fun candid shots, as well. 

8- PROMPT- Do you like to spin?

POSE- Dad will hold his kid by the arms or armpits and spin around! Make sure he holds on tight. 

Don’t forget all of your classic shots like portraits and smiles, and be sure to snag detail shots! Close ups of hand holding and snuggles are often client’s favorites for details. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the session. 

Happy Father’s Day!

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO