Posing Prompts for Older Sisters

May 11, 2021

When I started working with families, I would search for posing prompts for sister sessions, and what I mostly found were prompts and poses for younger siblings. Most of my clients tend to be older, so when these two came to me for a sister session, I compiled a list of some of my favorite posing prompts that are fun for older sisters and best friends. Try some of these out for your next session!

Pose: Have the sisters sitting back to back with their arms resting on their legs. 

Prompt: Look up at me and give me a little smirk!

Variations: Have your clients flash a big smile or laugh while on this pose and grab shots from different angles. Ask them to cuddle up next to each other. This pose can also help you ease into a session and set your clients up for sitting shots. 

Pose: The Infamous Drunk Walk

Prompt: Okay, I’ll have you both link arms or hold hands and walk away from me. Remember that first time you went out together? Bump hips and reminisce. 

Variations: Ask them to turn around and while over their shoulders. Have them walk towards you. Ask them to tell you about that memory and capture genuine reactions.  Skipping shots can come out cute, as well!

Pose: Your clients will lay down on their backs with their heads next to each other, the opposite direction. 

Prompt: Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air!

Variations: Open your eyes and look up at me! Now look over at each other. Now give me a little giggle while you’re looking at each other. Now look at me and smile!

Pose: Sisters will be standing with their arms around each other. 

Prompt: Give each other a big hug! Act like you love each other. What’s the best memory you have of each other?

Variation: This pose can be done hugging from the front, side, or back. They can also hold hands and pull in close. Ask questions about their favorite memories to help get to know your clients and create an environment for your clients to bond with each other. 

Pose: Have one of the sisters jump on the other’s back.

Prompt: Give your sister a piggyback ride!

Variation: Have them switch, and the other sister hops on. This one always surprises them!

Pose: Have both sisters standing and direct one to sneak attack the other from behind with a hug.  

Prompt: Ok X, run up behind Y and attack her with a big hug. 

Variations: Have the sister sneak behind her with a kiss on the cheek or tickles, depending on their comfortability. You can also direct your client to try and pick their sister up after a running start. 

Pose: Have your clients sit and look cool. 

Prompt: Show me the cover of your mixtape! 

Variation: Your clients can try other other poses, like standing or squatting. Capture reactions and candids during the process. Ask them about their love for music. Ask them to sing a song and capture some rad dance moves and their impromptu concert. 

Don’t forget to capture individual shots for each sister or friend to help build that gallery. Happy shooting!

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO