Springtime Sessions

April 2, 2021

Spring is here! I’ve only been in the Midwest for about two years, and have definitely learned what having seasons really means in my short time here. Being born and raised in Florida, all I’ve ever known is hot, a little less hot, and cold. I honestly never knew that the outdoors became so bleak and brown in the winter. I have come to truly appreciate nature, as the green slowly takes back over and pops of color bloom on the nearby plants, and life springs back into action. While the sun is out, take full advantage during your spring sessions!

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO | FB & IG @wildfyreco


Take a stroll through your local botanical gardens and take in all of the beautiful plants and flowers! Many gardens are free entry, but some charge a small fee. If visiting often is up your alley, check out the guest services during your next visit and inquire about passes. For one low fee, you can visit all year, as many times as you’d like. So many unbelievably vivid flowers will pop back up during the springtime, so plan a day to visit, and don’t forget your camera (and model if you want one)!


Who doesn’t love butterflies? Every year, North American Monarch butterflies in the United States migrate during the springtime and can be found in large numbers in different geographical areas at different times of the year. Did you know that the North American Monarch is the only butterfly that makes two-way migrations like birds do? This means that these critters will fly south for the winter, and make their way back to their homes up north once it warms up. Check out the monarch migration map to see if the migrations pass through your area, and then search your local butterfly gardens for events!


One of the things I love most about sessions near water is how many different kinds of sessions you can shoot in or near water. Boudoir, maternity, portraits, and pets are just a few genres that can give you endless possibilities for poses and backgrounds. Depending on your location, creeks, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, and rivers can make exceptional shooting locations. If you have a fearless model, try starting on dry land and slowly work your way until your model is submerged or almost submerged. Make sure to bring towels, bags for wet clothes, and dry clothes!


If you loved the botanical garden idea, you’ll love shooting in a greenhouse! You can use the plants to frame a walkway or your image, shoot through plants, and use them as props. Some greenhouses double as a butterfly garden, so check out all of your local greenhouses to see what they offer. You may need to reach out to owners for larger ones to make sure you have permission to take pictures, but you may end up with some great contacts.

What kinds of sessions do you have planned this Spring? Get outside and soak up that sunshine!